As the second semester kicks off, many students are feeling burnt out and unmotivated when it comes to completing assigned course work.

A survey asked college students various questions about their experiences with the second semester slump. Out of 59 students who participated, 44 felt as though COVID-19 influenced their feelings of burnout.

While some students enjoy having online classes, many find it difficult to retain and comprehend information through zoom lectures.

Angela Romero Barron, an LSU freshman, explains how she is "feeling more burnt out this semester" than she was last.

"I feel like COVID has had an impact because I feel like it is easier for me to focus and do work in an in-person class than it is for me to do when I’m looking at online lectures or just zooms,” she said.

Nia Scott, another LSU freshman, added how she feels that if “everything was in-person, I would be a lot more motivated and a lot more eager to, you know, give a little bit more."

"But now, it’s just like I’m having to re-teach myself how to use all of the technology and the basics and things like that, so it’s a little challenging,” she continued

In spite of this newfound struggle, students shared a variety of responses regarding what they do to stay motivated throughout the semester. 

LSU freshman Olivia Cheung expressed how communicating with peers within her major assists in her learning experience.

"I try my best to still communicate with people within my major, talk about computer science with them, and also learn about computer science with them, because I think having people alongside you on your journey really helps,” Cheung said.

Scott provided some tips that she utilizes throughout the semester to aid in organization. 

"Make sure when an assignment is given to you. and due dates and things are given to you. Make sure to literally put it into your brain, because it’s so easy to forget things. Literally write reminders all the time. I feel like writing also helps you to sometimes remember things.”

In addition to organizational tips, some students find it helpful to focus their energy on their passions as a reminder to keep moving forward. 

"I'm a sports reporter for KLSU. I tend to look at my old interviews and tell myself 'Alright, I'm almost here, push through it,'" said Ronald Riggs.

Director of Wellness and Health Promotion at the LSU Student Health Center Rebecca Fontenot encourages students to get outside and take a break when experiencing symptoms of burnout.

“Make sure you get outside of your house, apartment, or res hall, and spend time outdoors. There’s so many benefits to being outdoors," Fontenot advised.

For additional resources, please visit the LSU Student Health Center website.