The Minority Women’s Movement started in 2015 to uplift minority women on LSU’s campus.

The group focuses on personal enrichment and community service.

Fourth-year student Kiare Williams joined because she needed a place of her own.

“So when I came, I was looking for an organization that I don’t have to fit into, but can fit my personality, so I joined them because being at a PWI, being an African-American woman, I felt lost in the space, so I needed something that was like a safe space for me.”

That safe space is beneficial to the club’s 115 members. First-year student Alleah Walker found empowerment in the organization.

“I walk into places now knowing that even if I’m the only black girl in there, I can be the strongest person in the group because of who I am, not off the strength of I have to be. I feel more empowered now. I feel like I have to empower other people because this group has empowered me to get out of my shell.”

For fourth-year student Alanna Moss, the club is her support system. She appreciates how the girls can relate to different issues.

“There’s so many people that you don’t even realize that you have the same major, have the same classes with, that can really be your guide and be someone you can lean on for educational support, physical support, emotional support, so that’s why I encourage being around a lot of like-minded, strong minority women, and going through those issues together just makes the experience that much greater.”

Last week was MWM Week, where the group hosted a fundraiser and a game night, among other events.

The Minority Women's Movement can be found on Instagram at lsumwm.