Only in Louisiana can a tiger drive a race car. At least for LSU’s tiger racing team this holds true.

 “Every year we build a full race car from scratch. It’s a two thirds scale f-one car.”

Senior captain Sebastian Valero says the team benefits in many ways as everyone does something different in the building process.

 “I was in charge of doing the rear wing, which was a very interesting and fun process” Valero said.

Right behind me in these two garages the LSU Tiger Racing team puts in months of work before their cars are ready for competition. The team is currently building the frame for their 2020 car. Once completed, they’ll be looking to enter competitions in Michigan and Los Angeles during the months of May and June.

This isn’t the only car they’re working on at the moment. The LSU tiger racing team has stripped their 2018 car to its frame and are currently converting it to an all-electric car. Since the car uses an old frame they’re unable to enter competitions but the team says they’re excited to finish this new project.

A car this fast and small must need a special engine to run, but that’s where you’re wrong. 

“It’s a Yamaha r6 engine from a motorcycle. We use essentially the same engine every year. Only difference internally is we take out fifth and sixth gear.” Junior team member Finn McCarthy said.

The FSAE also holds a shark tank styled segment of its competitions. 

“One is based on a business presentation. We have to do a competition. As long as the sales pitch kind of thing. It’s called a cost report,” Valero said.

Teams are able to discuss their builds and talk mass production of their year’s car with the panel of judges.

Competitions aren’t the only time the team gets to show off their build. They take part in the homecoming parade yearly.

“We have a float and put the car on it and decorate it and throw a bunch of beads at people,” McCarthy said.

The Tiger Racing Team has been at LSU since 2013 and are always looking for new members. If you're interested in being a part of their next formula build email