The LGBTQ+ Center will be opening their own office in Coates later in the Spring semester

The LGBTQ+ Project is designed to be a support unit for all students across campus. 

"We are here for all students, regardless if you are actually LGBTQ+ or not," Inari Owans said. "As we do offer safe space training for all people on campus; faculty, staff, students and such."

The safe space training is only one of many tools that the project offers. The training is taught to educate individuals who will support all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Currently, the project is operating through the Women's Center located behind the Barnes and Noble. In the spring semester, the LGBTQ+ Project will be opening their own center inside of Coates Hall. 

With the opening of their own office, the project hopes that misconceptions about the office will be alleviated.

"People think that it is just for women or that it is just for queer people in  relation to the LGBTQ+ Project," Owens said. "That's not true. We are here for everyone regardless of race, gender or sexuality identity."

Having a specific LGBTQ+ Center will create a designated safe space on campus for all students.