Caliente Mexican Craving is a favorite for college students and families alike, however the parking lots two entry ways have become a well known hazard.

 “We were going to Caliente, we went down Nicholson and then we turned on Lee so we had to take the left turn. It was like 7 o’clock, there was traffic, you couldn’t see anybody, all the cars were lined up, I pulled out and that was the end of that vehicle,” said fourth-year LSU student, Madison Day. 

Lee Drive, the road where the restaurant is located, is one of the busier street in Baton Rouge. 

Everyday, during the afternoon rush hours, traffic in the straight lane heading west onto Brightside Lane backs up past the entrance of Caliente, making it difficult for drivers turning left into the parking lot to see the quickly approaching cars in the far right lane. 

“There’s probably at least one wreck a week I would say. For sure, once every two weeks,” said Caliente owner, Jessica Barraza.

The numerous wrecks in occur in front of the restaurant have involved not only Caliente customers but employees as well. 

“I was heading to Caliente for work, it was raining, I went to turn and that was it,” said former Caliente employee and third-year LSU student, Antajha Degray. 

There are currently no plans to adjust the roadway to keep accidents from occurring in the future, however the owners and staff of Caliente hope that bringing attention to this dangerous turning point will encourage improvements. 

Until their concerns are realized, be sure to exercise extreme caution and slow down when traveling on Lee Drive for your own safety and the safety of others.