Every year cities around the world collaborate to share observations of the outdoors in the City Nature Challenge.

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The four-day annual City Nature Challenge is here again. The challenge is part of a global initiative aimed at engaging residents in a friendly competition to document the biodiversity in their cities with photos.

Scientists study the photos to learn about what type of wildlife are in the region.

Last year’s challenge had over 1,000,000 observations made by 60,000 participants that photographed more than 50,000 species.

Volunteer for Louisiana Master Naturalist Erin Linderman said anyone can submit photos to the app iNaturalist. 

“As you’re just out and about exploring, it doesn’t have to be any particular time frame, just get your phone out and say hey that's a cool species,” Linderman said. "Take its picture, upload it!"

Baton Rouge is known for its unique and diverse ecosystem, and the city ranked in the top 10% of the competition last year.

The challenge begins Friday, April 28, and ends Monday, May 1st.