With Halloween only three weeks away your mind might be filled with goblins and ghost, but if you’re looking for something a little more frightening , the 13th gate haunted house is for you. 

Widely regarded as one of the best haunted houses in the country, the 13th gate right here in down town Baton Rouge offers more scares than anyone could ask for. 

“I am playing the blacksmith. I have an assistant and a nice little shop. People come through there and they’re always bothering me and I have to chase them out and scare them and make them leave,” said 13th Gate actor, James Broussard. 

In addition to the haunted house 13th Gate also offers year-round escape rooms and their newest addition, "Carnevil". 

Located directly across the street from 13th Gate, Carnevil is a spooky twist on a circus.

“We’re like the appetizer for the 13th Gate. People come over here, we’ve got our ticket booth, and enjoy the carnival before they wait in line," said Carnevil actress and ring leader, Jamie Keller. "Our most popular game is dunk the clown. He will insult you and you can pay money to try to dunk him in the dunk tank.”  

No matter what kind of scares you’re looking for this Halloween season, 13th Gate has got you covered.