Suspect Arrested in Taco Bell Shooting Attack Near LSU

A suspect in the gun fight inside of a restaurant near LSU's campus last week was arrested today.

Derrick Ricard, 24, faces charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of a stolen firearm and illegal use of weapons. Police say that Ricard has previous arrests for drugs and stealing cars.

The victim was initially jumped by two unknown men inside of the store while Ricard, who worked in the restaurant, left the building to retrieve a stolen firearm. Police say security tapes showed the men go through the car the victim was in and take something.

Ricard reportedly waited behind the counter while the victim went outside the restaurant and then came back inside to collect his belongings that fell off in the attack.

Police say the victim went to a car parked in the lot of the restaurant to get his gun as he was in "great fear for his well being," before coming back to get his things.

When the victim returned, Ricard reportedly yelled from across the restaurant, moved a coworker out of the way, and then shot at the victim and missed.Ricard was hit with a bullet when the victim returned fire.

The shooting is said to be unrelated to the one that took place in the parking lot next door, near Mellow Mushroom, last week. The motive of the dispute is still unknown.