After an attempted first degree murder occurred at Spruce Hall, students begin to advocate for what they believe will make our campus safer.

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Everyone expected Hurricane Ida to cause trouble on LSU’s campus, however no one expected a group of people to beat her to it. 

On August 28 at approximately 10:30 pm, shots were fired at the Spruce Hall Lot. Almost a week and a half later, police arrested suspects Ricky Kelly III, Rechard Kelly and Tedrick Owens for attempted first degree murder.

In light of this incident, students began to speak out about their safety concerns on campus. Many said police efforts have been reassuring, yet they believe more can be done.

Having more light fixtures in dark areas of campus such as the enchanted forest and near The Five dining hall, along with on-foot patrolling through campus have all been suggested.

Students wonder if it will take another crime for these adjustments to be made.