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While some students struggle with the academics of freshmen year, others struggle with the party atmosphere that LSU poses.

One of the main night-life destinations for students is Tigerland. Although popular, this location is not always safe.

A new petition demanding more street lights near Tigerland is making its way through the LSU community, already having received nearly 8,000 signatures in a matter of weeks.  

The petition to raise awareness for better lighting and cross walks near Tigerland comes a month after one student was fatally struck near the heavily populated area.

The lights are intended to be placed near the Jennifer Jean and East Boyd intersections, where a majority of incidents occur.

The LSU and Baton Rouge communities are rallying behind this movement to keep students safe while walking home.

LSU Junior Julia Hanzo gave her opinion on the subject, saying "The petition is important to LSU students because people have already lost their lives and we have to prevent this for the future."

Two more street lights could be in place near Nicholson Drive and Jennifer Jean to address the petitions concerns.