Turning Point USA held a "Freedom Rally" on Friday to stand up against mask and vaccine mandates.

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As LSU lifts the vaccine mandate in Death Valley, some students are still standing their ground against vaccine mandates on campus and nationwide. 

Turning Point USA, a non-profit organization that advocates for conservative values among schools and universities, held a “Freedom Rally” on Friday where some students took to the Parade Grounds to protest against vaccine mandates on and off campus.

The rally had many members from the Turning Point USA organization such as LSU TPUSA President Max Krobneberger and concervative influencer Lily Kate. 

“We dont believe that people deserve to make choices about our medical freedom because it is our medical freedom,” Krobneberger said. “It’s not theirs, it's not the officers and it's not yours, it’s ours. We believe that we have the right to choose that so we put on a peaceful demonstration here to show them that that's what we want.”

While Krobneberger and many other students agree that vaccine mandates should be thrown out, not all students feel the same. LSU student Artemis Patton watched the protest from the union and gave her opinion on the mandates.

“LSU should continue to hold up their vaccine mandates,” Patton said. “It is important for people to get vaccinated. I am not vaccinated for medical reasons but it is important for everyone who can to get vaccinated so that people like me, who can’t get vaccinated, are protected.”

Krobneberger said he hopes Turning Point USA will be able to hold more protests and demonstrations in the coming weeks.