Student government is partnering with Lyft to provide safe, affordable rides for students.

The Safe Rides Program will provide options for students who are studying or socializing late at night.

Introduced in previous student government administrations, Student Body President William Jewell strived to enforce this initiative.

Lyft will offer $5 to $10 discounts for rides in the vicinity of campus, and the discount will be applicable for late nights Thursday through Saturday. Plans for access codes and ride limits are still in progress.

Jewell hopes this program will encourage students to be safer when commuting at night.

"It's kind of a promotion for safe driving and for students to, you know, really be smart about the decisions they are making," said Jewell.

Student government plans to introduce the program for the fall semester of 2020.

In the future, Jewell wants this program to expand to all areas around campus so that students without cars can buy groceries and leave their dorms.