Friday marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Laura, and many LSU students from Southwest Louisiana are still facing the impact to this day.

The Category 4 hurricane caused over 19 billion dollars worth of damage when it hit Lake Charles and the surrounding area. And just weeks later, Hurricane Delta followed.

William George, 19, reflected on how the hurricanes impacted his first year at LSU. 

"I was constantly driving back and forth from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles and trying to help with what I could do on top of my school work," he said. "It definitely made for a stressful semester."

For many students, the Fall 2020 semester had a rocky start, and the damage is far from repaired.

"Our house got torn up. We haven't been in it the entire year," he continued.

With the peak of hurricane season approaching, George hopes for a different outcome than in 2020.

"I just pray we don't have anything that will do this again."