Taco Tuesdays are a little bit more fun now that Zippy’s Burritos, Tacos and More has officially opened its new location in the Student Union.

Monday afternoon students lined up in the Union for a taste of Zippy’s and reactions were more than positive.

Dajan, First Year Student:

“I’ve had [Zippy’s] once...I loved it. I was super excited because we needed more food options anyway...I feel like Zippy’s was the perfect fit.”

Shannon, First Year Student:

“[On a scale of one to ten, Mexican food] would be a nine. It’s my second favorite food [choice].”

Inari, First Year Student:

“...I’m from Arizona, so I really enjoy Mexican food, so I decided to come try it out, and it looks really good.”

Mia, First Year Student:

“I’ve heard a lot of people go to the off campus [location] and I’ve never had it...I heard they have really good burritos...I’m excited to try it.”

Because Build’s pizza restaurant wasn’t meeting their expectations, LSU Dining Services made an effort through surveys to see what students wanted in its place.

After speculation of what would take Build’s place, students are happy to see that their survey responses through LSU Dining Services have paid off. 

If Chick -Fil- A and Panda Express no longer satisfy your cravings, Zippy’s has you covered.