With the bars reopening in Baton Rouge this weekend, students are back in Tigerland for the first time in months. However, with coronavirus restrictions in place, things are looking a little different. 

“I was hesitant at first but they’ve been very safe, they’re following all the precautions. It’s more of a restaurant on the inside,” said one student.

Many students noted how the scene inside the bars was very different than they were used to, but most thought that the precautions were necessary.

“It is a lot different, everyone has to sit at tables, that’s understandable though, there’s a lot going on,” said two students who work at Reggie's, one of Tigerland's most popular bars.

Students also recounted their favorite memories from Tigerland before coronavirus. 

“So, this one time we were all out here and we had pre-gamed beforehand so we were obviously really drunk. We’re driving back and he starts throwing up out of the Uber, and the campus police showed up,” one student said.

Generally, students are hoping that Tigerland can go back to running normally soon and operate like it did before COVID-19.

“We really hope that next Friday it goes back to 75% as opposed to 50% outside and 50% inside,” said some students who work in Tigerland.