See how one Student Senate Resolution wants to impact the pay of all LSU workers.

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Despite the spring semester coming to a close, the LSU Student Senate still used its last week of active session to pass influential legislation.

Student Senate Resolution 28 urges enactment of a minimum wage increase by the university for LSU workers. The bill was authored by numerous LSU Student Senator and passed in the Student Senate on April 7. 

The SGR requests that wages be increased to fifteen dollars, over double the current federal minimum of seven dollars and twenty-five cents. It provisions are aimed at all "directly employed, contracted, or student workers."

The resolution also urges "effective advocation" by the university to Louisiana government for "just compensation" of the potential cost if changes were to be implemented. Co-author and Student Senator Adam Dohrenwend stressed this element of the bill as a protection from a potential financial burden students may face. 

Co-author Jack Griswold, who is a student worker himself, expressed how student should want to see what he called "ethical" behavior by the university on behalf of its workers. 

"You want the place where you are getting the tools to go forward in life, to chase you own career," Griswold explained. "You want that place to be fair to its employees."

The student senator, showing his UREC lifeguard lanyard, continued, "If the university campus minimum wage was increased, I could have worked less time for the same amount of money... that's one way it benefits students."

The bill will be sent to various LSU administrators as well as several state officials. For more information, contact your SG representatives here