LSU Student Senate passed a bill for the Student Government to fund a textbook lending program in Middleton Library that will allow students to check out and scan textbooks to reduce the large costs students pay every year on books.

The bill will supply funding for the library to buy textbooks from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus. The program allows $3,436.95 of funding for 15 textbooks that are required in the most enrolled Gen-Ed courses and larger classes. 

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Miranda Campbell, who orchestrated the program introduced how the program will work.

"Duke and NC State have a copy of every textbook in the library that students can checkout," Campbell said. "We are implementing that hear on a smaller scale.

"This one is only 15 textbooks for the first year, so you can come into the library and check it out for three hours, and there will be scanners available in the library that you can create a pdf from the textbook," Campbell added.

An LSU data analysis revealed that on top of tuition and fees, room and board, and transportation and meals, books and supplies add an average of $1,160 each year.

With the help of this textbook lending program, author of the bill, Senator Brandon Miguez, discussed the impact that this program will have on students now and in years to come.

"It affected a lot of constituents, over 8,100 students," Miguez said. "It is going to be one of the most impactful bills of this semester."

Although there was debate about potential copyright issues, Campbell assured the Senate that due to other universities' implementation of the program, it is credible and legal.

The textbook lending program is scheduled to be implemented Fall 2019, and Campbell is optimistic of its success and expansion in the future.