LSU Student Government voted to continue funding of $5,000 for 12 months for Turbovote, which is an online, quick way for students to register to vote from any electronic device.

Coauthor of the bill, Drake Brignac, discussed the importance of keeping Turbovote funded.

"Turbovote was originally funded for the first time last year and lasted for 12 months," Brignac said. "That funding runs out in less than a month, and, with the government election coming up, we don't really have a solidified way of paying for it."

"We came to student senate to make sure that we could continue our mission and register as many students as possible," Brignac said.

Turbovote began on campus by the student organization Geaux Vote in 2014. Last year, without Turbovote, only 60 students registered to vote through Geaux Vote. 

However, this past year, utilizing the QR codes on posters and screens throughout campus provided by Turbovote, the number of students that registered through Turbovote increased to 2400 students.

President of Geaux Vote, Zoe Williamson, discussed the importance of registering on Turbovote right now.

"If they are wanting to register at their dorms, they should register now because even if you move off campus next year, you can still keep your registration at your dorm and vote on campus," Williamson said.

Williamson emphasized the significance of voting and making sure your voice is heard as a college student.

"If we prove in 2019 that students are going to show up, are going to make their voices heard, are going to actually make a difference in the election, then the legislatures that go into office in 2020 are going to go in knowing that students are watching their every move," Williamson said. "They are there to keep them accountable and keep their higher education funding and keep their Tops funding."