Miller Hall is one of the oldest residential halls on LSU's campus. Freshman Madison Lacombe and her friends love living there.   

“It’s been fun. It’s definitely good to live so close to my friends.”

Living close to your friends can be fun, however, living in an older dorm comes with problems.

“One of my friends, she lives on the second floor. One of the pipes burst near her room.”

That wasn't so fun.  

“She actually had to move her carpet and her TV so that nothing would get damaged during the flood.”

It was just last week when the pipes near her room busted during a storm, but it's not a rare occurrence at Miller Hall. 

“I thought it was disgusting. I was like I gotta get outta here,” freshman Meghan Drago said. 

She experienced it first-hand.

“We were in our room and water started seeping through the bottom cracks of the door.” 

From hearing stories from other Miller residents, she knew exactly what was happening. It was just another busted pipe.

“We had to like grab towels and shove them all by our door to make sure it didn’t seep in.” 

Often times when a pipe bursts, however, it doesn't just flood one room. It floods the entire floor.

“It like flooded all in the bathroom and it was just like seeping from all the cracks of the door and it was just brown and everywhere and disgusting.”

Lacombe says it often takes up to a week before the rooms are dry enough for the girls to live in their dorms again.