As a Freshman living in Herget Hall, Emily Gilliland was very trusting and felt safe in her surroundings on LSU’s campus. That was 2 years ago.

She got so comfortable that she left her backpack, which held her MacBook Pro, inside a study room. She went to the bathroom for a few short moments and asked her friend to watch her belongings. 

The friend left before Gilliland came back, and, when she returned, She found the laptop was missing. Nothing else was taken except for the $1,000 computer.

Gilliland immediately called LSU Police Department and reported the theft. She included her Apple MacBook’s serial number in the report to help the investigation further. 

The investigation remained open until this month, when LSUPD Detective Gorguelo called Gilliland to let her know the laptop was recovered at a local pawn shop. At this point, the case was closed. 

The suspected thief left all of his information on the MacBook, and the LSUPD is currently planning his arrest. He also used his real name and ID when selling it. 

Gilliland plans to “sell the laptop again and have a little extra cash” to use. She is selling it because she spent her summer job savings on a new computer, before her original was recovered. 

“This was a good ending to a bad story,” Gilliland said.

Detective Garguiolo says he is "happy Ms.Gilliland was able to get her computer back."

Stories like Gilliland's are a reminder to report thefts and other crimes to LSUPD or BRPD. 

You can contact LSUPD at 225-578-3231 or BRPD at 911.