Stacia Haynie no longer LSU Executive Vice President and Provost; Matt Lee steps in as interim

Stacia Haynie is no longer acting Executive Vice President and Provost at LSU as of Thursday, July 8 after serving the position for approximately 3 years.

The news was announced in an email sent out to faculty and staff from new LSU President, William Tate.

This decision comes after three days of Tate's tenure as president.

Stacia Haynie will be making a return to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences as a faculty member.

Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Support Services and Sociology Professor, Matt Lee, will step in as interim Provost until a permanent placeholder is found.

In regards to Haynie stepping down, Tate stated, " It is not meant to imply things aren't going well in those areas. In fact, there may be many positive things happening that we can and should continue to build on while also going in a different direction."