Louisiana State University brought Southern Smash’s signature Scale Smash to the Parade Grounds November 19 to raise eating disorder awareness and promote positive body image.

“Smashers” took sledgehammers to scales to demolish the idea of perfection, wrote on “Let it go” balloons to release their ideal numbers and created “Dare to love yourself” cards.

Founder and Chief Smasher, McCall Dempsey, started Southern Smash in November 2012, after battling an eating disorder for 15 years to challenge men and women to redefine their worth and beauty by letting go of the perfect number.

Dempsey will share her story of recovery alongside other panelists, during SmashTALK: LSU in the Union Atchafalaya Room (339) from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness is a national nonprofit that was founded in October 2000 to raise awareness of eating disorders, eliminate stigma, promote access to care and support those struggling.

In addition to their unique and empowering scale smashing events, The Alliance offers educational presentations to schools, healthcare providers, hospitals, treatment centers and community agencies.

Eating disorders affect individuals from all walks of life and approximately one in ten Americans will battle an eating disorder during their lifetime. However, less than one-third of those struggling will seek help due to the high cost of treatment, lack of provider expertise and stigma surrounding the illness.

The Alliance and Southern Smash aim to tear down these barriers through providing programs aimed at

outreach, education, early intervention, support and advocacy for all eating disorders.  For more information on The Alliance and Southern Smash, please visit

www.allianceforeatingdisorders.com or call 866-662-1235.


Contact: Amy Sullivan, SMASH Coordinator, 817-705-5042, asullivan@allianceforeatingdisorders.com