Several bars in Baton Rouge recently partnered with state offices to distribute the vaccine with a unique twist.

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Doctor's offices and LSU aren't the only distribution sites of the vaccine. Several Baton Rouge bars recently recently partnered with state offices to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in a unique way.

“We have the Department of Health, The St. George Fire Department, as well as the Fire Marshall's Office administering the Moderna vaccine," said The Oasis Bar & Grill owner George O'Connor.

However, there’s a fun twist. When you get your vaccine at one of these bars, you get a free shot as well.

“If you come into the Oasis Bar and Grill, you’ll get your vaccine, you’ll receive a vaccine card for your first initial shot, and then The Oasis is giving a complementary Uncle George shot as well," said O'Connor,

Deputy State Fire Marshall and Nurse Practitioner Russel Shoultz was at the Oasis providing information regarding the safety of the vaccine.

Shoultz encouraged everyone to come out and get the vaccine to help get us back to normal.

“Everybody that gets a shot, every vaccine that is given, every person that is fully vaccinated, is one small step closer to getting our community back to where it was and getting back to doing the things that we want to do," said Shoultz.

The Oasis Bar and Grill will be distributing the second Moderna dose on May 11 and plan to schedule more vaccination events in the future.

Other bars in Baton Rouge, such as Fred's, are participating in the "shot for a shot" event as well.

"They will be back in May, and we are looking at other dates as well to continue to move forward," said O'Connor.

To get more updates on upcoming shot distributions, check out The Oasis' Instagram.