After a 12-year hiatus, the LSU Dance Ambassadors were ready to get students back to the studio. But when COVID derailed in-person events in the fall, the organization went fully virtual with their classes to keep the LSU community safe.

The organization’s president Sophia Greenwood said that the organization’s officers ran classes out of a studio in Prairieville but missed the feeling of a “real” class.

“We just brought back this organization,” Greenwood said. “We didn’t want to risk losing our organization due to COVID, so we made sure to keep everyone’s health in mind and then this year, we really wanted to get back in the studio.”

This semester, the organization has decided to offer hybrid dance classes to LSU students.

These classes, held in the UREC’s Studio B, have a limited in-person capacity, but anyone can still choose to attend via Zoom. They're offered every Monday night for the rest of the semester, and Greenwood said that having dancers physically in-studio makes the classes feel a bit more normal.

“It’s much harder because of limited space when you’re at home but also like energy-wise,” Greenwood said. “When you’re in-person you can feed off each other’s energy, it’s just a lot more exciting.” 

LSU second-year student Annie Lobitz has attended a few of these classes both in-person and online. She explained that while it may be more difficult at home, she believes the adjustment is worth it.

“Everybody that’s here, dancing’s their passion, so everybody kind of makes do and it’s really… I don’t know, it’s really fun and it kind of is the highlight of my Monday,” she said.

While offerings like this may not be fully in-person again for a while, Greenwood is still looking forward to what’s to come. The rest of the semester is full of a variety of dance styles and teachers, including a Mardi Gras jazz class that Greenwood, herself, is teaching on Monday night.

Interested students and aspiring dancers can register for in-person classes on Tigerlink or reach out to LSU Dance Ambassadors via their Instagram or email.