Get a breakdown of the Fall 2021 Student Government Elections.

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Student Government recently held their Fall Elections for the Student Senate and a referendum for a change to the Student Government Constitution.

The election saw a total turnout of 1,208 students, an increase of 100 students when compared the last year’s Fall Elections.

The Amplify Ticket closely won the most Student Senate seats in the election with 16 total followed by the Believe Ticket who won a total 15. The graduate student ticket, Grad Gold, secured a total of seven seats.

Student Government Bill Three passed with overwhelming support. This means the Student Senate will now be required to have two-thirds support to pass SG Finance Bills. 

Student Government Commissioner of Election Ashlyn Anderson says SG elections provide an opportunity for student voices to be elevated.

"With being able to vote for these people," she began, "you're definitely getting a step higher for your voice to be heard in different scenarios or areas of life that you wouldn't normally get your voice heard in."