See an exclusive interview with a member of LSU's secret society GLOCK.

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LSU Tiger TV was recently reached out to by a member of campus secret society GLOCK who asked to remain anonymous.

The member was hesitant to give many details of the society’s inner workings. However, they did claim it has held presence on campus for a long time.

“Many, many years, we’ve been here dating back to the early 1900s,” the source said.

The source also spoke on GLOCK’s wide array of impact on campus, including LSU’s Student Government.

“I hear many that young men in high positions of student government are involved in GLOCK,” they began. “Whatever they say goes and it is done on a basis that adjusts to GLOCK’s agenda. They basically control the entire campus.” 

The source even referenced GLOCK’s influence on SG elections, saying the secret organization is a “big deal” in electing the next student body president.

This isn’t the first time GLOCK’s name was associated with SG. At last semester’s student government presidential debate, candidates were questioned about their opinion on the supposed existence of the group.

Former SG presidential candidate Mia Lejeune says the idea of a secret society creates an environment of paranoia within the student government organization.

“When having these conversations with student leaders, I realized how pervasive it is and what a fear it is for students,” Lejeune explained. “They feel they will somehow get on GLOCK’s bad side, and they will never get anywhere in student government or life. It’s like this huge fear that everyone has.”

Despite this, GLOCK asserts that its goals are to serve the benefit of LSU students, even if they are unaware of it.

“GLOCK is a wonderful organization,” the source expressed. “We do things for people all the time, they just don’t know it, like organizing certain funds on campus for certain events.”

Our source also confirmed that this was GLOCK’s first official public outing, meaning a Twitter account utilized recently was not officially theirs.

The society's member conveyed one final message.

“GLOCK has always existed. GLOCK exists now and GLOCK will forever exist,” they explained. “It will survive and thrive on this campus for the better of everyone.”

Tiger TV will be sure to follow any more updates with the society.