It's Time, Unity and BowmanMilligan gather to answer questions aimed at issues of diversity, LSU's handling of sexual assault allegations, and the supposed secret society of Glock.

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Various LSU Student Government representatives and students gathered to hear the perspectives of the three major tickets for the upcoming LSU SG Election: It's Time, Unity and BowmanMilligan. 

A wide array of questions were levied at the candidates, aimed at issues of diversity, LSU's handling of sexual assault allegations and the supposed secret society of Glock. 

When on the subject of LSU's Greek Life, BowmanMilligan's Vice Presidential candidate Abbie Grace Milligan said, "The biggest issue of Greek Life has been lack of diversity, stemming from a legacy program that fails to give opportunity to various students." 

It's Time's Mia LeJeune chimed in on the topic speaking on her experience as the "only presidential candidate" involved in Greek Life, saying she is best suited to handle the problems surrounding Greek organizations on campus. 

Unity expressed a call for inclusion in Greek Life as well, yet focused their concerns on a push for required diversity training in Greek organizations. 

Fresh off of Husch Blackwell's report on LSU's sexual assault allegations, candidates had a lot to say on safety for female students. 

It's Time gave an impassioned statement on the issue stating, "Students shouldn't have to keep begging administrators year after year after year to light up our campus better so that we feel safe. It's time the university holds themselves accountable for how their students feel on campus." 

Unity's Preston White discussed the potential implementation of a "Lock and Key Initiative" which would give students access to on-campus building lobbies in more populated areas in case of emergency. 

At one point, BowmanMilligan described the importance of having trainings "that actually influence and change the culture behind sexual assault" on campus. 

One of the more head-turning segments of the debate dealt with Glock, a secret society on campus that targets a male-dominant social agenda on campus. 

The Unity ticket's presidential candidate Amina Meselhe stressed her perspective on the organization:  "I have no affiliations [with Glock]; I have no interest in it quite frankly." 

The It's Time ticket, the only ticket with two female candidates, "wholeheartedly condemned" the organization that they said should be ashamed of the secretive tactics they employ. 

Pressure was placed on presidential candidate Javin Bowman to express that his ticket was not a "puppet" of the Glock organization. 

Towards the end of the debate, the candidates had a heated back and forth on issues stemming from personal matters and attacks outside of the debate. 

Despite this moment, they remained cordial in their closing remarks as they implored students to go out and vote on Wednesday, March 24. 

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