Tigerland expects large crowds as students head to the bars for Halloween

While LSU may be used to large crowds during the week, it's nothing compared to what Tigerland is expected to experience this weekend.

There is no doubt students love to have a good time during football season. As of 2022, Niche has ranked LSU the No. 2 party school in Louisiana and the No. 50 party school in the country. 

The popular bar area, known as Tigerland, is only six minutes from campus. It experiences constant foot traffic, especially during football season.

LSU has a bye week, which means there will be little no students going out on Saturday. However, this isn't a normal weekend; it's Hallo-weekend.

While a normal week of no football might consist of a relaxing night at your apartment or a trip to the U-REC, that is not the case this week. Many fraternities on campus will be hosting events Thursday through Sunday at Tigerland, and large crowds are expected. 

Nolie Staples, a bartender at Mike's explained how college students will be traveling in large groups this weekend to show off their costumes and have fun.

"I think is will be very busy," Staples said. "A lot of people who don't normally go out are going to. College kids love to show off their costumes, so a lot more people will be out-and-about."