A new semester means new classes, new people, and a new routine. Freshmen must adjust to this drastic change, and many adjust by gaining the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen."

Freshmen that were once only concerned about what their mom was cooking for dinner now have to worry about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, cheap fast food tends to be the easiest choice.

Luckily, LSU offers many healthy options. With salad bars in the dining halls to wraps and smoothie bowls in the Student Union, it’s up to the freshmen to decide if they want to make the healthiest choices. 

The Panera in the PFT, the Subway in Foster Hall and The Big Squeezy in the Union are all healthy choices that can help students avoid the "Freshman Fifteen."

Utilizing the UREC is another way to keep off the weight gain. There are many free workout classes, limitless exercising equipment, and indoor and outdoor pools.

"It's honestly all up to the student," Johnson said. "If you ate twenty pounds of tofu, you'll gain weight, but yeah it's up to the student of course. If you're into fitness, exercise, a certain diet, of course you'll keep off the pounds and stay in shape however you like to do so."