LSU's lack of security cameras in parking lots and other areas have many students who have damaged cars with no footage frustrated.

Many areas on LSU's campus are stationed with security cameras, preventing crime and identifying the perpetrators when it does occur. However, many of LSU's on-campus parking lots are a different story. 

On his first day of school, Connor Brantley's car, parked in the West Campus Apartment parking lot, and the only camera in the area hand't captured any of the theft.

"(The detective told me) they were still looking through camera footage, but they couldn't see much," Brantley recalled. "(He said that he) hated to be that guy, but the statistics of my car being found now are really low."

Because there was no footage of Brantley's car being stolen, he couldn't initially file his vehicle as stolen for insurance purposes, and had to pay for a rental car. But Brantley isn't the only victim of the lack of basic security precaution.

Many parents on social media complain of their child's car being damaged, but nothing could be done as there were no cameras to catch the culprit. Most recently, one student's car suffered a hit and run while parked at the UREC, completely out of any camera's sight. 

LSU PD has confirmed that they are waiting for approval on their plan to update security and install more cameras, but many frustrated parents and students agree that this is long overdue.