As people get back to their holiday traditions post-COVID, some might have trouble booking a visit with St. Nick.

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Restrictions are being lifted around the country, and people are ready to get back to their Christmas traditions this year.

With holiday events back in full swing, Santa’s helpers are in high demand, but you might have trouble getting Santa Claus to come to your town. 

Last year, many Santas hung up their suits for good due to the pandemic.

Some Santas are also opting out this year due to health concerns.

Founder of HireSanta Mitch Allen says that his company has seen a 120% increase in demand for Santas this year, and a decrease in workforce.

Despite the shortage, HireSanta plans to spread Christmas joy all over the world, including Dubai, the Middle East and South America.

Allen says HireSanta is taking precautions to insure everyone has happy and healthy holidays.

“This year, Santa’s in his chair. The children are six feet in front of Santa in a well-ventilated location,” Allen said. “So, it’s different this year than it was last year.”

Allen said HireSanta is seeing more requests for in-person Santa appearances.

“Last year, we also did thousands of virtual visits at We’re seeing some demand for virtual visits again this year but not nearly as many,” Allen said.

If you want a chance to visit Jolly St. Nick, the Mall of Louisiana is offering photo opportunities with Santa until Dec. 21.