During Louisiana's stay at home order, Rotolo's Craft and Crust launched their pizza kits which allowed families to make quality pizzas from the comfort of their own homes.

On March 22 Governor John Bell Edwards ordered what would be a 53 day stay at home order for all residents of Louisiana. So how do people replace the feeling of going out to eat and ordering at restaurants, and how did restaurants replace the business that they lost whenever people couldn’t leave the house? 


"Basically what we did was we decided during the first lock down to come up with a pizza kit at home where everyone could make their own pizzas at home. Everyone is bored and nobody has anything to do, why not make your own pizza?," says John Earl, general manager of Rotolos.

"I used to eat at Rotolo‘s a lot before the pandemic but ever since the make your own pizza kit I have been eating that more recently," explained patron customer Antwon Bui.

Not only did the Rotolo‘s pizza kit give back some of the business that they lost during the lockdown, it also gave families an opportunity to do something fun and creative with one another during quarantine.

New employee Caleb Ferguson says, "I started working at Rotolo‘s a few months ago and when I first started business wasn’t good because of the lockdown. But after we rolled out the pizza kits business started coming back in and everyone was requesting them and because of that business really picked back up."

"Our idea was to give somebody something to do. Hopefully you get a pizza kit and then tell your neighbor where you got it from and it could give your kids something to do for two hours and they make their own dinner," explains John Earl.