A new study at Pennington Biomedical Research Center may prove a shot of whiskey or tequila could help you shed a few pounds.

Over 50% of Americans drink alcohol at least once a month, but little is known about how the body processes it. So Dr. John Apolzan decided to do some research.

"The consume study is looking at alchohol and weight loss, but is really unknown is the kind of effects of alcohol on body weight," Apolzan said.

The study will monitor participants' weight over an 8 week period. Everyday, participants eat breakfast at the research center and pick up their packed lunch and dinner. They then head over to the waiting room to have their check up.

"When you come in you'll have to step on the scale, pretty much, fill out a few questionnaires and then get a body scan an MRI, magnetic residence imagining," Apolzan said.

The MRI is used to determine the amount of fat around internal organs. Researchers believe alcohol may help burn this negative fat.

"It may effect body fat distribution. So we think that everyone will go in and lose the same amount of weight, but it may effect where the weight is lost from," says Apolzan.

The CONSUME study is a preliminary study, but they hope to continue research on the effects of alcohol. 

To find out more about the study or to sign up go to https://www.pbrc.edu/clinical-trials/?studyid=266 .