Scheduling next semester's classes is causing many students to stress this time of year. 

If they haven't already, students will soon hunch over their computers hitting refresh until they are allowed access into the scheduling portal. With a limited number of classroom spots, this process can be just as stressful as midterms.

Academic counselor Kris Bromley said this week is the busiest week for her between helping students navigate their degree audit and choosing classes. 

“I always recommend being as prepared as you can be," Bromley said. "And having those backups. That way if you're not immediately getting in, it is okay. It is not the end of the world." 

By going to the University Center for Freshman Year website, students can now access a tab specifically for scheduling. Here, they can find videos how to access schedule booklets, schedule requests, degree audits and answers from academic counselors on frequently asked questions. 

Even though it's on the University Center for Freshman Year's website, these resources are also helpful to upperclassmen.

If you are experiencing the stress of scheduling, academic counselors  recommend that you check out the website for answers, but they are still only an email away.