LSU has talked about renovations and even relocating individual buildings on campus, but students have yet to see any significant change. As the school year continues and the future of buildings such as Kirby becomes more uncertain, the student body wants answers.

Whether looking at an RA trying to find a place to accomplish his work or talking to a former resident of a dorm that is in notoriously bad condition, there are so many narratives of buildings' fates going around campus that it becomes difficult to know which are true. Many are focused on how Middleton seems to continually add more to its list of problems with the building but others are frustrated by how just when Kirby dorms seems as though it is going to be replaced with something that meets today's conditions for student living, talk on campus indicates that students will be moving in next fall. All are on the same page; however, they want an announcement soon to attain some clarity.

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