President Tate's message to students after allegations rise against former LSU grad student

President Tate sent out an email Friday morning addressing the recent lawsuit and sexual assault allegations against a former LSU graduate student. 

The federal lawsuit, filed on Monday, involved Edouard d’Espalungue d’Arros, who had been arrested previously on a rape charge in 2018. 

Victims including two undergraduate students, two graduate students as well as an LSU professor came forward with claims of harassment and unwanted physical contact with d’Espalungue. Some say that the LSU Title IX Office did not investigate their reports.

Tate says that under the new leadership of Interim Vice President Jane Cassidy, LSU has done tremendous work in a short amount of time with the developments of many on-campus advocacy groups through the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX. 

“I see a campus community in which no survivor goes without the support and recourses necessary to recover from the trauma of sexual assault or harassments,” President Tate wrote.

Tate emphasized LSU's commitment to students' safety by highlighting the vigilance and dedication he says has been shown by LSU’s Office Civil Rights and Title IX in the past few months.

“We compassionately and empathetically serve our students and employees through building a culture of transparency, trust, and accountability that deters sexual violence in the first place and protects survivors when the unthinkable does occur,” President Tate wrote.

Students can report incidences of sexual assault or violence at