After a long semester with minimal breaks, LSU Student Activities Board is looking to host one last large event for students.

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In a semester that seemed to be without any breaks, the Student Activities Board is looking to provide some relief for struggling students.

The Campus Life department is hosting a Spring Fling event on Monday, April 19. The event will take place on the Parade Ground, and it looks to offer a variety of activities for students. Some of the offerings will include live music from a DJ, festival-style food and a selection of outdoor games.

Special Events Chairperson Kelsey Broussard said that she believes events like this are needed to keep up campus culture and morale in tough times.

“I think that school culture is such a big deal and that's kind of... we haven't been able to do things like that,” Broussard said.

Safety procedures will be upheld much like they were with the department’s Mardi Gras Mambo event earlier this semester. These precautions include social distancing, sanitization and grab-and-go style food service.

“I feel like being able to do this event will kind of get people connected and excited for finals and excited for next semester and what we have to come,” Broussard added.

Student Activities Board President Jordan Joshua shared a similar sentiment. He said this kind of event allows for students to have a mental break and distraction from some of the things going on, locally, nationally and globally at the moment.

“Doing events like this provides students a chance to get out to still connect with each other, but also remain socially distant,” Joshua said.

The event will take place from 11-2 and is free for students to attend. For more information, students should keep up with LSU Campus Life on social media.