This past weekend, the Baton Rouge community, along with all South Louisiana, was greatly impacted by Hurricane Delta, with several homes being damaged and major power outages.

The apartment complex Park Place lost its power.

With no lighting or air conditioning, a majority students made other living arrangements for the few days following.

Despite most of the power up and running again, the security lock on the park Place doors were not working yesterday, Oct 12--prohibiting anyone from being able to enter.

Students also complain that as those systems shut down, some Park Place residents began to vandalize and tear down security systems completely.

LSU senior and Park Place resident Leah Crabbe says that while the apartment complex’s management has made steps to fix these issues, she feels that more could have been done.

"It was weird that they made us call, because it's not like my one unit went out, which didn't happen, but like the whole building went out," she said.

"We would look across the way, to our neighbors across the courtyard, and everybody was pitch black. So it was weird that they couldn't just be like 'There's a building-wide outage. Can you guys fix it?'"

After reaching out to management on how they’re fixing problems caused by the storm, Park Place Property Manager Logan Jordan responded management is too busy with clean up and was unable to comment.