All bars in the state of Louisiana are able to open past midnight and allow all patrons to come in without a capacity limit.

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On Tuesday, March 30, Governor John Bel Edwards announced the roll back on some COVID-19 restrictions. This includes bars opening up to full capacity, extending their hours from 11 PM to 2 AM and allowing them to sell alcohol at their own convenience. 

However, the rules in the bar from the previous update are still in effect. Just like before, all patrons must be seated at tables unless they are walking up to the bar for service. And only 21+ people are allowed in bars.

Some people celebrated the announcement by going out to the bars on the first night when the new guidelines went into effect. 

The House's Jeff Vaccaro was thrilled about the news. He hosted a big watch party in The House to hear the Governor’s new order. 

“We were jumping for joy for not only the bar but for the staff as well," he said. "Being able to get another three hours of work every night means more tips. A lot of these guys and girls are paying for a lot of expenses while they are in school.” 

To no surprise, many college students were excited about the news, too. A patron waiting in a line outside of The House in Tigerland was happy about the extended hours.

“I’m very happy with the governor finally lifting the mandate," Bradley Gilley said. "With the vaccinations coming out, people are coming out to the public risk-free.”

With the bars closed in the past year and having a short curfew, it was more difficult for people to socialize. Gilley added, “I just can’t wait to meet more people.” 

This new order is officially active for 29 days from March 30 to April 28.