The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back, and while most are very happy about this new addition some are very concerned with its appearance.

Monday it was reported that there was a fatal stabbing in Maryland when a fight broke out because a man skipped the line.

Baton Rouge Popeyes employees have said the lines have been outrageously long since the announcement of the sandwich return and continue to hope nothing horrible happens.

When the sandwich was first introduced in august it sold out in just 2 weeks and many were very upset about how quickly it ran out.

“That makes me not want to get a sandwich at all, because my life is not a chicken sandwich and i don't think any ones life is worth a chicken sandwich, I think people take things a little too serious,” said LSU Junior Brianna Jones.

Students and residents feel that they now have to be more cautious when ordering at Popeyes in the future.