The Baton Rouge Improv Festival will be taking place from May 12-16. Find out just what this fest has in store.

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As the live arts start to make their way back following a long year, some performers are ready to keep the scene going...and going...and going.

The Baton Rouge Improv Fest will be held virtually from May 12-16 with limited in-person events as well. The festival will welcome participants and performers both locally and globally. According to Artistic Director Brett Duggan, this includes some well-known names in the world of improv.

“We have amazing, amazing people who just heard about what we’re doing and that this community is starting up, and they wanted to help give it a boost,” Duggan explained.

The LSU Improv Club will be acting as hosts for the five-day festival, but they aren’t the only ones in the Baton Rouge community jumping at the chance to help. Duggan said that a variety of area organizations have also offered their assistance.

“The chair of the School of Theatre? ‘Yes, how can we help?’ Downtown development: ‘how can we help?’ Baton Rouge Library: ‘how can we help?’” Duggan named just a few of the local groups offering a hand.

While improv is “on the spot,” the festival has been in planning for a while now, with the goal of making the most of every minute. This includes workshops, performances and panel discussions.

“It’s this huge plan to be spontaneous on these days,” Duggan said.

And the thing Duggan’s looking forward to the most--the opportunity to make others smile.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing joy,” Duggan offered. “After the hardest year that anybody has had to deal with, just collectively. It’s just been so tough, and I just feel like the world needs a laugh right now.”

What could be a better way to keep things off of your mind than by letting others entertain you off the top of their heads?

For more information on tickets and events, interested improv fans can head to their website.