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Now is the time Louisianians are showing what they’re made of by helping their neighbors who suffered catastrophic impacts from Hurricane Ida.

Danielle Jones is one LSU student who is organizing a supply drive to help all of the many festivals Louisiana is known for.

She is partnering with the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals to make sure these festivals continue as planned, which will ensure local communities don’t suffer an even greater economic impact from the storm.

Supplies will be dispersed all around the state as needed. Her goal is to offer recovery aid and a network of support.

She urges all students to help those affected in any way they can.

“Whether your part is big or small in the community, it’s worth something,” said Danielle. “So anything you can do for one another is going to count.”

Students can donate locally at The Family Counselor on Acadian Thruway.