As students finally get settled with their fall semester schedules, some stand out among the rest. Adult students on campus are in school for a variety of reasons, and while they may not have taken the traditional route through college, they're proving that you're never too old to further your education.

Eton Vicknair, who works in LSU's Agriculture Department says that she saw students on campus and says that she "never had that experience before, so (she) was told that LSU would help with tuition costs if (she) wanted to go to school."

Though both have different reasons in pursuing their degrees, they said that LSU was ready to help them in any way possible. Both made it clear that in today's society, a college degree is the best way to ensure employment and security, with non-traditional student,Anthony Germade, saying "That Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will help secure your future, you’ll always be able to get a job, especially in the market, the way it is now."

With such drive and determination, it proves that there is no certain age one has to be to embody the spirit of LSU.

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