Every middle school kid’s dream is to be in a classroom surrounded by exotic animals. Well, the students at Northlake Christian School have a teacher who is probably unlike any one they will have again. 

As the iconic Paul McCartney once said, “you can judge a man’s true character by his treatment of animals.” If love had a face, it would look a lot like the passionate animal enthusiast, Sid Galloway. 

If you live on the Northshore, you have most likely heard about Galloway, who appears to be running a modern day “Noah’s Ark” out of his very own classroom at Northlake Christian School. His life is dedicated to caring for animals. Broken or not, Sid welcomes all creatures with open arms. 

“The only way people can grow up to be cruel, and insensitive, to not just animals, but to each other, is having to be desensitized to all of that, but our culture does that.” said Galloway.

Ironically enough, Galloway seems to be teaching a lot more than just science. He has instilled a sense of kindness, grace and patience in his learning space-which is evident. 

“I have been called lots of different things, but basically I look at myself, and often describe myself as a sheepdog. I’m not a shepherd, I'm not a scientist, I teach science. I’m a counselor but, I think of myself as just a sheepdog of the good shepherd,” said Galloway. 

Most of Sid’s rescues can fit in the palm of your hand, but who is this gentle giant whose hands have touched so many?

“My little duck, bartley over there, born with no eyes. He is such a perfect example to teach the kids that disabilities don’t make you less lovable, they make you more lovable. If your heart is right for it. You know, one of the worst things in middle school and high school, and really, even adults, is bullying,” said Galloway.

“I was raised just really loving animals. You know, animals have always been a part of everything. My mother taught us very young to be empathetic by little creatures,” said Sid’s wife, Linda.

To some, Sid is a teacher, to some he is a father, to others, a neighbor, but to any animal he encounters, he is a hero. Serving as a shepherd for those with no voice, Sid truly embodies a trait so near and dear to his own heart-servitude and compassion. 

Some could argue that true love is doing something for someone and expecting nothing in return. It is safe to say that Sid has done just that, and hopes to set the same example for others.