A student found a worm in their food and mistook it for a maggot, causing chaos on social media.

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A student found a worm in their food and mistook it for a maggot, causing chaos on social media.

All the food through LSU Dining comes pre-cut, pre-washed and pre-packaged.

Even though the food comes in a safe condition, LSU does a secondary check process.

The steps to the process include random checking, putting food through a wash cycle and then they shock it by submerging it in hot and cold water.

Vice President of Operations for LSU Dining Jeffrey Nice contacted the farm where the produce originally came from. 

“Chef John and I actually got on a phone call with the farm itself,” Nice said. “We were on the call with four different QA supervisors from the farm trying to understand if this item was in their product."

LSU and the farm were unable to detect where the worm came from.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, LSU dining has added another step to their wash cycle process.

“It’s effectively a solution that gets added to the water that is intended to, again, not just the blanching process shocks it, but we believe that this will take one additional step,” Nice said.

LSU has taken broccoli out of all of its dining facilities; however, students are very timid to go back to The Five after the photo was leaked.

How do you feel about the picture that has been going around? Does that surprise you?

“I haven’t eaten there since the picture because my biggest fear is getting food poisoning,” Sophia Simpson said.

“Honestly, it didn't surprise me much,” Chloe Richmond said. “The Five, in my opinion, has never been the most sanitary place.”

What would you do if you found a worm in your food at The Five?

“Somehow report it, that’s, like, disgusting,” Simpson said. “I don’t know.”

“First, I would probably stare at it in shock, and then I would definitely go put it away, then cry,” Kaitlyn Hoang said. 

Students are disgusted, and it will take time for people to trust the food and feel safe to eat there again. LSU has pulled all of the broccoli from every dining facility on campus. You won’t find broccoli here for a while.

Entomologists have confirmed that the creature in the picture was a worm called a cabbage looper, not a maggot. LSU Dining is taking extra precautions to ensure that this one-time occurrence never happens again.