A new training center is in the works to help those struggling with death by suicide.

The LSU School of Social Work is collaborating with the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center to better educate those contemplating suicide.

The death by suicide rate in Louisiana has risen 29 percent since 2016.

“It’s the tenth or eleventh leading cause of death in the state,” said Wesley Church.

The Director Wesley Churchand and LSU professor J. Franklin Bayhi believes that suiciology training could provide people with resources to help them every step of the way.

LSU’s School of Social Work is partnering with the BRCIC to develop the National Suicidology Training Center.

Starting in the classrooms, lectures about suicidology are held to better understand suicide and the struggle people go through while hopefully decreasing those number.

Richard Jackson is the continuing education coordinator at the school and also participating in the planning of the center but he hopes to expand it to the entire campus.

“That’s one of the goals, imagine having a training center that is reaching all of the folks across campus to recognize signs of potential suicide,” said Jackson.

The hope is to extend suicidology training to an international level.

The Suicidology Training Center should start up in December and will eventually cover multiple social work issues like opioid addiction. 

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or anxiety, please call the Crisis intervention Center Hotline at (225-924-3900) or (225-924-LSU1) for LSU students and faculty.