At the 2021 Student Government Presidential and Vice Presidential Inauguration, the leaders expressed what they're excited for next year.

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Spring student government campaign season came to an ceremonious end Wednesday with the official inauguration of the Bowman-Milligan ticket.

“I am so proud, honored and humbled to be serving as your new vice president -- or co-president as we like to say," newly inaugurated Vice President Abbie Grace Milligan said, "and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together this year. Geaux Tigers!”

Milligan used her speech to highlight emotional thanks to her family and supporters and reaffirmed her commitment to making LSU a safe campus, speaking on the "enormous responsibility" of student leadership. 

The newly instated SG president, Javin Bowman, spoke about how thankful he is to be apart of the legacy of the previous one-hundred-four student body presidents.

"How did this chubby freshman kid from little old Shreveport, Louisiana -- Texas as all you south Louisianans call it -- come out to be the 4th Black Student Body President?” Bowman said as chuckles went throughout the crowd. 

Bowman did not just use the opportunity to address the crowd in a humorous manner and showed the dexterity to pivot to topics on serious matters. He spoke on the "potential" for a positive impact from all forms of campus life, citing all students' opportunity to leave a mark.

Despite an eventful few weeks, Bowman and Milligan are ready to get on the job. Milligan says she "cannot see herself giving less than one-hundred-ten percent" where Bowman is ready for the "worthwhile headache."

Despite the semester coming to a close, their busy term will just be beginning, sure to consist of new and old issues, but the duo is nonetheless ready unapologetically advocate.