“Mental Heath Matters.” This is the foundation of LSU’s chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI), whose primary focus is to remove the stigma around mental health, while also being a safe place for students to discuss such topics. 

The organization hosts meetings once a month, often having guest speakers about revolving topics.

NAMI also holds several events such as “NAMI and Chill” where the group watches films that portray mental health or mental illness.

NAMI was established by students several years ago and has since received several accolades, including the Advocacy Program of the Year award for their discussion on Mental Health in the African American Community in 2018. 

NAMI Vice President, Savannah Weisensee, a third-year student at LSU, says of the purpose of the club that it’s, “All about promoting, advocating and educating students about mental illness and mental health in general.” 

Weisensee also commented of the club dynamic, stating, “We’re a pretty close knit club, you know, we see each other on campus and always say hey.” 

Club meetings are held in Coates 212, with the November meeting being held on November 14th. Students can join the club by requesting to join on tigerlink.com, or by reaching out by email @geauxnami@gmail.com.