Now that restaurants, bars, and other venues can hold live music inside under Phase 3 guidelines, musicians are eager to begin performing again.

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Thanks to lower numbers of COVID cases in the state, live music in restaurants and bars is making a comeback.

While some businesses have been hesitant to host a return to live entertainment, the majority of people are excited to have it back.

Perhaps the group most musicians. Bassist James Way said whenever live performances were stopped, it was hard for him and his band-- The Late Nights.

“So much of our time went into this on a weekly basis, on a daily basis, and when it’s just taken away, you know that sucks,” Way said.

While performances haven’t completely stopped, there's been far fewer than before COVID-19.

“This past semester we’ve gotten asked to play a few things. But you know, if it wasn’t exactly safe or necessary, we weren’t able to pick up on it and say yes,” Way said.

While there is some reluctance to have inside performances so soon, Way said that most restaurants and venues are completely ready to have live music back.

“Before it was, ‘Okay we’re having an event, but it’s outside, and we can’t really afford this,’ or ‘We can’t really do that,’ but now they’re just saying ‘Come on in'."

In addition to the new business the band has seen, they’re also able to revisit some past customers.

“Now that the rules have sort of been shifted, we’re going to Phase 3. We are finally getting back into the swing of it," he explained. "We’re actually now filling past contracts that we had.”

According to Way, the band is going back into performing as if they never stopped.

“We’re trying to pick up right where we left off and play for everybody who wants to hear us just to make up for lost time."

Many bands and musicians are doing the same thing in the Baton Rouge area, as more and more venues open up their doors to live music.