Several students had to move out of South Hall due to an excess amount of mold.

Recent discoveries have shown mold in the vents of some rooms in the dorm. 

The mold began to culture when the dorm became too humid due to a problem with the air vents. LSU has given students dehumidifiers to try and temporarily solve the problem. 

Students have begun moving out of South Hall and into temporary residences in concern for their health and safety. This also gives LSU time to clean the air vents. LSU student Sierra Vanderhorst who is in the process of moving out due to mold speaks on how the mold has affected her.

“I have like allergies to pollen and everything and I used to get immunization shots to help with my allergies so I always took Zyrtec,” Vanderhorst says. “But now they gave me an inhaler, steroids, prescription Zyrtec and then a cough medicine. So yeah and the steroids are really intense.”

So far LSU has come up with no permanent solutions to fixing the humidity and mold in the dorms and many students are not sure when and if they will be able to move back into their dorms.